How To Delete Any Boot Loader / EFI (Windows version)

  •    Open Your Command Prompt (CMD)  : Press the windows key and type cmd , right click on it and run as an admin
  • Type : Diskpart and wait for some seconds , this place normally demands on your Pc performance
  • Now list the available disks or hard drives partitions you have by typing : list disk
  • Select the disk 0 which is automatically your drive C: , type : select disk 0 or sel disk 0

  • After successfully selecting the disk , We need to list the volumes of the disk in other to find where our EFI or Bootloder is located , do this by typing : list volume or list vol
  • Now select the volume with the Format FAT32 , by typing : select volume 2 or sel vol 2 .... In my case my FAT32 falls on the volume 2.

  • In default the System partition with the Format FAT32 is automatically hidden so it can't be accessed , in other for we to access it we need to make it visible and to do that we to assign it a letter. Now to do that type : assign letter=D: , make sure the letter you are assigning it to is not in used by any other partition. After assigning the letter , leave the Diskpart by typing : exit.
  • Now let boot in the System partition with the New letter we assigned it to by typing : D: and hit enter 
  • Now let list the things or files in it by typing : ls or dir .
  • Now let choose the EFI folder type : cd EFI
  • List the files of the EFI to know which file you want to delete 
  • Now type this to remove or delete the file : rmdir /S [file name].
  • Options .... choose y for yes and n for no....

All done .... Restart Your Windows Now..... You are Good To Go πŸ˜€πŸ˜€